Foods and Tips for Healthy Skin Play in new windowHealthy Summer Skin 6612  Read More

Dr. Anna Cabeca Play in new windowDr. Anna Cabeca 5212 Recording Wednesday, May 2, 2012 of Social Chats kNOwAGING with Tonya Scholz and Sandra Lopez chat with gynecologist and integrative doctor, Dr. Anna Cabeca, founder of Cabeca Health. They chat about women’s sexual health and the practice of Orgasmic Mediation, (OM).  Read More

Therasage Far Infared Play in new window Therasage 32812 Recording Wednesday, April 28, 2012 of Social Chats kNOwAGING with Tonya Scholz chat with CEO of Therasage, Robby Besner about positive wellness effects of deep penetrating heat, Infrared Heat, and FAR Infrared Heat.  Read More

Take Shape For Life with Dr. Donna Goldstein Play in new windowDr. Donna Goldstein 11911Recording November 9, 2011 Social Chats kNOwAGING with Sandra Lopez and Tonya Scholz chat with Dr. Donna Goldstein, Psychologist/National Director – Health and Weight loss Coach of Take Shape for Life!  Read More

Food Intolerance Play in new windowToday’s recording of Social Chats kNOwAGING w/ Tonya Scholz & Sandra Lopez chat with Boone Zavik, marketing manager at Immuno Laboratories in Ft. Lauderdale about food intolerance.  Read More

Fundraiser for Orphanages in Nepal

SocialChats Follow Friday with @TheDudeDean chatting with Paul Caridad Sanchez about his fundraising aventure doing a virtual walk on treadmill to raise funds for Maggie Doyne’s 35 orphanage in Nepal. Go to to watch Paul & get more information.  Read More